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Hi! My name is Em.

My work as a personal trainer and movement coach evolved from my own experiences as an athlete, as an educator, as a queer person, as a writer, and as a human with a body. As a lifelong runner and competitive rugby player for over a decade, I’ve always found movement and “exercise” training to be essential to increasing athletic performance. Unfortunately, this increase in performance has not always resulted in what I would call wellness. 

The truth is while I’ve always been an “athlete” in some way or another, I haven’t always felt attuned to my body. Being heavily steeped in toxic movement and diet culture prevented me from being in true dialogue with my body. It ultimately resulted in injury, sporadic commitment to movement and exercise, and a serious lack of happiness while moving. It took me years (and lots of deep inquiry) to gain consistency, wellness, and joy from my movement practice. 

My intention is to share what I’ve learned along the way with my clients. To help them to move better, move longer, and move more joyfully. To assist them in identifying stories in their body and then retell those body narratives in a way that promotes longevity, resilience, and joy. I want to help folks find a way to exist in their form that does not frame movement as punishment or movement as making up for something. I want to help folks use  movement as a way to develop a personal relationship with the body. 

My wildest dreams of strength and athletic performance have come to fruition from disconnecting from what I was taught and connecting into a deeper knowing of myself and my body. I hope to help my clients, no matter their goals and desires for themselves, to tap into this same joy I’ve found. 

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